About Me

Abilene Texas Spring 2014
Among the bluebonnets in Abilene, Texas by Rebekah Pernell Photography, Spring 2014

Hi y’all!  I’m Valerie, and I am a Perpetual Newcomer.  As a seasoned Military Spouse, raised a Military Brat, and an USAF Veteran, I am well accustomed to change and transition.  Moving, re-establishing a home, saying hello and just as quickly saying good-bye is my way of life.

The state roll call of the places I have called home:  AL, CA, IN, MI, NE, NY, RI, SD, TX, VA.

Moving is an adventure, but sometimes it feels more like a tough misadventure of thwarted expectations.  I have places I loved and places I couldn’t wait to leave.  I have learned some tricks along the way to make the transition more manageable.  I believe a smooth transition really comes down to perspective and community.

I also am a writer. A Zumba enthusiast. An Aspiring yogi. A Strength Training beginner. A Community Volunteer. A Future Small Business Owner. A Continual Learner. I believe in Community, Kindness, Love and Gratitude.

Join the conversation about handling change and transition and making the best of the situation, whether due to job relocation, Military Life, or just the twists and turns of a Life well-lived.